About me.


For those who don’t know me, my name is Sarah.  Welcome to the home of some of my thoughts.

I used to say that I write for me—I write because things bubble up inside and it’s how I process and make sense of it all. But I’m not sure that’s the full truth anymore.

I think I write for us.

I write because sometimes there’s nothing we need more than to know others are feeling the same way we are. “Me too” are some of the most powerful words we can utter to each other. I write because I’m tired of assuming that everyone else is holding it together while I’m busy falling apart and constantly wrestling over stuff. I write because I want to create a space that’s sincere and honest, somewhere we can be vulnerable and say what needs to be said. I’ve found freedom in sharing stories and struggles and I’m more and more touched that you have too. So I write for us—or at least I try to—in hope to bring us closer to each other, closer to ourselves and closer to a God who loves us.

I write about a lot of different things in this space, but most of the time it comes back to my attempts to love God, love others and live purposefully. I’m inspired by audacious dreams and courageous living, so whether it’s stuff I’ve observed in others, or things I’m wrestling with in my own life, my hope is to help us remove barriers, dream bigger and get out of the boat.


My “work” life…

I have the privilege of leading the Global Volunteering Team at Tearfund. We believe that something amazing happens when you build relationships and connections with people living in totally different parts of the world, people who are affected by different forms of poverty. Friendships change things and when poverty becomes personal we’re far more motivated and inspired to come home and live differently – live lives that pursue justice and restore brokenness. We believe that when we remove ourselves from the familiar and comfortable lifestyles we have and step into the unknown and perhaps challenging setting of someone else’s community, our hearts and minds are changed and new perspectives are formed. It’s like a pilgrimage; we go on a journey to a new place, to meet God and learn to serve him – and others – in new ways. It’s an exciting adventure. Henry Miller says that “ones destination is never a new place, but a new way of seeing things”, and to some extent, that’s our aim. Check out the website if it sounds appealing!

Most of my working life has been spent at Tearfund, and my wonderful colleagues and friends have helped shape me and mould me into the person I am today….but the views stated here are very much my own.